Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Text of an email from Basia sent from Grudziaz, Poland

It's written a bit quickly, but you'll get the drift. Here's what Basia wrote:

greetings from the office of the director of the grudziaz library.

Rented ford deisel station wagon (kombi in Polish) and fled Warsaw cuz Pope coming and esp. around old city qwhere Karol lives is all filled w/ communications equipment, safety people and blocked off.

Just visited the barracks (built in1896) for men and used to be horses(now only 33 horses left and in Warsaw used only for official occasions) where papi was in cavalry school (1932-3) It is now transformed to the peace keeping communications unit 4 the UN. Fascinating. The woman director is also the volunteer care taker of the Grudziaz mi8litary unit and the god mother of their official (fancy) flag. Poland is still gorgeous and modern and wonderful. This afternoon going to the famous medeival fortress/castle in malbork -remeber Jas? and other kraks ? Then on to gdansk(where a class #1 church just 2 days ago had it's roof burned-now polish culture prservation commitee instead of individual churches will be organizing appropriate fire alarms 4 churches and other culturally important "stuff"gotta go love to all still no answer year of our wedding

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