Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Construction Blog - 05/24/2006

New registrations include Martha Fritz Fox B '67, George Deptula and Alex Field. Alex sent me some of his recent history.

Also I created passwords for David Demaine and Cynthia Point - so I hope they get in to the site soon. I had a nice telephone conversation with David today. He's pretty certain about coming to the picnic and hoping that Ned Griefen will come too.

I added two fairly recent pictures of myself that were published in a book about the Peggy Guggenheim Collection Advisory Board.

Just under the picture of the invitation to the picnic, there is a new link to the BBN web site so you can register and pay for the picnic. Hint. Hint.

There is a new page for Ali Al-Sarraf. I also wrote a comment about Ali sitting on Santa Claus' knee. This will be part of the effort to get the B&N boys with their own yearbook page - just like the pages for each Buckingham girl.

Added text from Basia's email from Poland.

Received an email from Eric Benke, Assistant Director, Constituent Relations, BBN, asking if I'd write a short report on '66 reunion activities by June 13. Replied "Can do" - which I like saying very much since it has such a straightforward '66 kind of feel to it. I probably ought to have replied "can prevaricate" as my nightly lodgings between the 10th and 13th will be Massachusetts, airplane, Paris and Venice.

Added text from Steve Burgard's email on picnic attendence.

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