Friday, May 5, 2006

Construction Blog - 05/05/2006

Happy Cinquo di Mayo!

There's a lot of new stuff on the site today - though it may not all be appparent.

Please remember this site is still under construction. Please let me (Theo) know if you have any particular comments, issues, suggestions or new material to add. In particular, I'd like to obtain an image of the Buckingham logo. I would like the masthead to show the logos of both schools, but at the moment I only have the B&N logo.

Please also remember that you can help. Any registered member can make comments by clicking on the Comments link under any post. Also anybody can create new posts and I will be happy to help you through the process.

Updates include:

I rescanned the Buckingham Yearbook after having re-calibrated the scanning process. The new scans are of much better quality because they compensate for all the little dots of the halftone printing process. In other words there should be no more moiré effect when you look at the images.

The new images are available in the updated Buckingham Yearbook PDF file and also in the individual student pages. About half of these pages have been created.

The process of scanning Peter McManmon's treasure trove of 1966 publications has started. I have about seventy pages scanned - another hundred or so to do.

I have also scanned other assorted images.

The About BBN page has been updated.

A Downloads page has been added. Here you can download PDF files of the yearbooks and other treasures.

On a more technical note, I have created an account at to store all the images I can scanning. This is for several reasons:

Images take a lot of space. If I store them on my server (where resides), this clogs up my server's hard disk.

Images can be stored of for as long as you want without paying a fee. Unlike many other services, flickr does not delete images that have not been looked at in a while. In other words, this may be a good way of preserving images for a very, very long time at no charge.

All the images I have uploaded to have been tagged as "private". None of the images are available to the general public.

And finally, I have added a really sweet "plug-in" that allows viewing of all the images stored in flickr right here in So now you have two choices for viewing images on this site: either you can download PDF files from the Download page or you can view them directly in the Gallery section.

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