2016 Entry

Update ~ 2016-05-22

The domain name is still registered with GoDaddy,

This blog is hosted by Blogger - owned by Google - at

It is also hosted by WordPress - owned by Automaticc - at

The photos are hosted by Flickr at

The mailing list address is Email history and members and so on are viewable at!forum/bbn66.

A suitable Twitter hash tag - no other users - is


Blogger allows more services - inxcluding domain name forwarding for than Wordpress. So it's the primary blog host. But Wordpress allows hosting PDF files at no charge - so WordPress has its uses.

As and when the last person forgets to renew the domain name, it will cease to exist as we know it. But unlike us it will most likely not die. Somebody is likely to pick up the name and use it for spamming. In any case the Blogger and WordPress sites will still exist. And there is a reasonable probability that they will last until the end of human understanding.

2006 Entry

This following was true in 2006.

The web site name of "" is registered with I very much recommend this company.

The web site is hosted along with a number of other web sites on a small computer called "Lydia" that I rent which is somewhere in Texas and it is looked after by The Planet. Lydia runs RedHat Enterprise 3 Linux and Apache web hosting software with a cPanel control panel. Linux and Apache are Free Open Source Software (FOSS) applications, while cPanel is proprietary.

The web site is built on top of a software program called a "blog" (short for web log). The blogging application that is used is from In many ways I would have rather used Blogger - which is owned by Google, but it is not easy to make Blogger blogs password protected. Wordpress is FOSS.

I have recently decided that storing photographic images on my server is too time-consuming. Because they are often large files, images really slow down the process of creating the daily back-ups. Also they take significant amount of computer processing time to send to you. Fortunately there are now a number of cool services that will store images for you for free. All the imges you see see on this site are being sent to you from - which is owned by yahoo. All the BBN66 images now on flickr are password protected and not viewable by the public.

Unfortunately, flickr only stores images such as JPG and GIF files. The download page, however, has links to a number of PDF files. These can also be quite large. The B&N Yearbook is over 40 megabytes in size. Thus I am now just beginning to experiment with free services that keep a variety of files on-line for free. Currently the Yearbook file is store on I would very much like to hear if you have any issues downloading this file. Just as with files on flickr, the files on esnips are password protected and not accessible by the general public.
I have enhanced the wordpress installation by using a number of "plug-ins". For example, FAlbum from allowed me to create the photo gallery in Wordpress that sucks images in automatuically from flickr.

I have on-going discussions with myself as to what are the best tools for building various types of web sites. For example, I often think that a Yahoo Group would be an easier and more effective way of bringing people together but then I recant because the default appearance sucks and there is no way of changing this. In any case I am very open to suggestions, good ideas and any other comments.

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