Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mini BBN Reunion in San Francisco


Beth Jacobsen, Neil Morse '66, Theo Armour '66

No Shows

Diana Chace '67, Franny Atherton '67


Frisson (

Discussion Items

Nice restaurant to meet at. Well actually it was much much more complicated than that, but if I write about it (it has to do with Beth and high school reunions) I shall probably put my foot on the plate (which is where French people put their foot when we put it in our mouth but, of course, they are civilized.)

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ned Griefen - Teaching at Packer

The Packer Collegiate Institute is an independent, college preparatory day school providing coeducational programs from Preschool through Grade 12. The oldest independent school in Brooklyn, Packer was founded in 1845 in the historic district of Brooklyn Heights. It has a rich educational history.


Eliza Rathbone - 7 Books lists seven books for sale written by Eliza Rathbone.


Lenore Travis - Falmouth Road Race 1997

From the 25th Falmouth Road Race 7.1 Miles, Falmouth, MA, August 17, 1997
F3118       Kyra        Travis      Lincoln        ma       8328
F3119 Lenore Travis Lincoln ma 8328

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Mike Bucuvalas - SRBI Biography

Michael J. Bucuvalas, Ph.D., directs telecommunications and technology research at SRBI. His studies cover a broad range of strategic and operational issues in business and residence telecommunications, including service demand assessments, revenue projections and price-effect simulations. His studies range from in-depth focus groups with experts on the future of new communications technology, to modeling the price effects of competitive products based on large-scale consumer surveys, to surveys of business telephone system decisions and to analysis of Internet users' interest in alternative access systems. Continued in this link...

Ben Bradlee Jr - Biography

Ben Bradlee Jr. has spent 23 years with Globe, first as a reporter and for the past 13 years as an editor.

As a reporter, Bradlee worked on the Spotlight Team, at the State House bureau, and was the paper's national correspondent from 1982 to 1986. He has reported from Afghanistan, South Africa and elsewhere.

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Browne & Nichols Graduation Program June 8, 1966

bbn66 graduation program 1.jpg

This is the cover of the program for the Browne & Nichols Graduation Exercise of June 8, 1966.

here is a link to the entire program b&n graduation program 1966-06-08.pdf

The Royal SCREW Crew

The Royal SCREW Crew
I drew this shield sometime in May of 1966.

Symbology of the Quadrants
Telegraph keypad sending Morse code - Neil Morse
Armoured helmet - Theo Armour
Atomic symbols reoprsenting atoms - ?? Adams
Tartan - ?? (Was it for "Scott" Maguire?)

Tooth - nickname for Mr Emmet because he was slightly bucktooth/had a toothy smile.