Saturday, July 1, 2006

Great New Photo Album from Violeta - See B&N Senior Prom and Theo Armour Down, Out and Sucking Thumb in the Gessner Living Room 1966 and Much Much More

Theo Armour

This picture was taken by Violeta Cunha - probably in January or February 1966. I've not been to the Gessner house since the sixties but I'm guessing the two doors behind me are the ones separating the living and dining rooms. Looks like I am wearing my maroon St Paul's sweater.

What adventure had we just finished? What had kept us up so late?

Anyway, click on the above picture to go to the splended photos taken by Violeta. There are party pictures - and, OMG!!!, B&N Senior Prom Pictures!!!

Official Reunion Picnic Headcount

Here are Lenore's finals stats on all those who attended the picnic. It was an impressive turnout!
Theo Armour 1
Frances Atherton & Charlie 2
Steve Burgard & daughter Helen 2
Paula Dorfman & Betty 2
Basia Dziewanowski 1
Alexander Field 1
Robert Krim & Kathleen and kids Ben & Emily 4
Laureta MacColman 1
Peter McManmon & Linda 2
Neil Morse 1
Tony Morse 1
Sigrid Obenland 1
Gail Wallins Plotkin & Jim 2
Larry Schell1
Allen Schiller 1
Lenore Gessner Travis 1
Nancy Waring 1
Donna Mesthene & Gordon 2
Fred Lappin & Cheryl 2
Violeta Monterio 1
Jeff Rudman & Susan, Sam & Nicholas 4
George Deptula & Dola Stemberg (I think that is her last name) 2
David Demaine 1
Cynthia Chase & Greg Eischeid 2
Isabel Gilman 1
Lisa Cate1
Mandy Young--sister of Sarah Keith Cox 1
Ben & Kyra Travis 2
Andrew Wright --friend of Kyra's who came to help 1
Dale Della Valle with the Worcester County Bluegrass All Stars 5

Grand Total: *50* attendeed *50*

Alex Field 40th Reunion Videos