Privacy Policy

Even though this web site requires people to register on order to view pages, you should consider that that any information displayed on these pages could be accessed by someone you might not approve.

If you feel that your level of comfort is compromised by any information displayed on this site, please make this known and I will make a best effort to edit the material to your approval.

For myself, I am happy with displaying any material that I would normally send in an email. The material to display includes addresses, phone numbers, email addresses; the names of friends and family; general personal biographical information; and data that has already been published publicly elsewhere. The type of material that should not be displayed on a web site (or sent in an email) includes credit card information, social security and other ID numbers.

I understand that your comfort level may vary hugely with my own. Please do tell what I need to do to make you comfortable with what you see on these pages.

Theo Armour

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