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40th - Ed Minot Regrets

Click on the play arrow in the middle of the picture to see Ed Minot send his regrets as a video clip.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

40th Reunion Photos by Alex Field

Did you ever see more eye twinkle?

Click on the above picture to see 44 more photos by Alex Field taken at both Strawberry Night and Lenore's Picnic.

40th Reunion - Draft of a Report by Theo

Just before our 40th, Eric Benke from BBN called me and asked if I would prepare a report of our reunion for publication in the alumni news. I said "sure, sure" and promptly forgot about it. Several days after the reunion, Eric emailed me - reminding me that I was now several days late in submitting my report. Below is what I sent him. This was all prepared on a Blackberry. Blackberries are fine for ten words, but become instruments of torture when you try to write paragraphs. Add nine hours jet-lag and too many glasses of Prosecco and here is what you get...

These reunion notes were started sitting next to Larry Schell drinking a glass of Prosecco on the terrace of the Monaco Hotel overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice. In other words our classes are again as scattered, as distant, as separated as any strangers could be.

But for a moment we were again the classes of '66 - all bubbly and full of bravado - as together as only those people that are passing through adolescence together can get.

We started as we must, at Strawberry night. You saw one or two classmates and joined them. And then more joined. We were not the full group until photograph time. Even then we missed Bruce and Micael. I thought I was going to have to Photoshop them in, but the kind photographer allowed us a retake.

So the photo somewhere on this page will show, say, twenty - thirty people. If there is one photograph where we are all quiet and paying attention it's a miracle. No different than 40 years ago.

Now add the spouses and class of '67 ladies and it's quite a good number of stories to exchange: "Do you remember the party/teacher/night?" "I live in Rio/Boise/Cambridge..." "My book/career/children foundered/went missing/exceeded my expectations..."

Some highlights were Violeta flying in from Rio de Janeiro and Sigrid from Munich. Also we have friends it turns out - Fran Atherton '67 flew in from California.
Speaking of CA - we had four Californians show up with regrets from two more.

I really do want to list everybody I talked to and what we talked about, but I'd be late for dinner at the Guggenheim and I'm late with these notes as it is. Not to worry though, when I get home the brain dump will occur with full results published on

So now we come to the class picnic. *50* attendees *50* all packed in Lenore's house. Only Lenore's oxen stayed outside. It rained the entire time. On the other hand this allowed for easy moving about and so everybody talked with just about everybody. The day was more relaxed than the night before - a chance to double-click into people's lives. Nice touches include Steve arranging for the bluegrass band to play and the delicious food - made us feel special. Many thanks to peter, lenore, steve, allen for putting this splendid event together.

OK, so there are issues. In our era the schools were different schools - so perhaps we should celebrate our reunions in separate ways? Nice touuch: Buckingham did have pictures taken with and without B&N. And perhaps more varied type of get-togethers would be appropriate.

All in all: my estimate as to our feelings about the fiftieth reunion? Bring it on!

It will be interesting to see what Eric uses of this...

1966 - Three Pages by Alex Field

The 1966 photo album has three great new images. These are scans of photos taken in the sixties by Alex Field.

In order to see the full-size image, click on the "O" (for original) underneath each picture.


40th Reunion Thanks

Many people have written thanking one and all for a great reunion. Here are copies of some of the emails:

Larry Schell

The weekends' events were a real treat. It was good to see you all, even if briefly. I wish I could have stayed at the picnic longer and will have to make up for that over the coming years.
Thank you all - Steve, Theo, Lenore, Peter, Alan and others for putting time into this - it was a one of a kind.
Best to all,


Sally Gates

Hi Everyone,

I am so jealous of all of you from the class of '66 who were together last weekend ( and those lucky few from '67!). All of the emails have prompted many, many good memories. Let me echo whoever said I hope some of the '66'ers come to visit the class of '67 next year! My plans are made - I'll be there!

Best to all,


Violeta Cunha

I don’t know how many will still join this most deserved e-mail but back home and to “reality” had to say that the “real reality”, in life, is the warmth, the camaraderie and the exhilarating atmosphere shared by everyone involved.

On my part, and being quite selfish, I have to say that it was great to feel welcomed and cared for. Thank you.

Love, Violeta

Fran Atherton

Annie, Nancy Lorenz and I had a mini reunion Saturday and have already discussed a follow up event
I hope we can include our class of 66 friends. The whole week end was a great time.

You have a beautiful home.
Thank you.


Sigrid Obenland

Lenore, Theo, Allen, Peter, Steve,

I wish to join all the thanks that have been emailed to you. It was one of my best ideas in the last years to spontaneously decide to come to the reunion weekend. I did not expect anything so special, I was just curious to see some of my Buckingham classmates again. And it turned out to be one of the greatest events I have been in within the last years. Thank you so much for all the work you invested! And also thanks to all who came - now I have an even greater incentive to travel all over the US and see people again (as a matter of fact, I will probably be back in fall).

So I hope to see you all again sooner or later.

Love to all


David Demaine

I'm back to a machine so I can join the chorus of thank yous what an addition to the the thousands of things to think about sorry that there wasn't more time and that I didn't get to talk to everyone just like real life Neddy called while I was away earlier this week I'll tell all and make him feel like he missed a big treat and maybe just maybe next time


Sarah Keith Cox

Sarah Cox wrote on 6/12/06, 11:31 AM:

> Dear Lenore,
> I loved reading email reports it was apparent how lovely the whole event was.
> We also had quite a time and were able to help which seems to exponentially increase the joy.
> If we do have a 45th, maybe David and I can be very local at my mother's or Mandy's and help you with things!
> Love, Sarah

Peter McManmon


your hospitality and all the effort you put out to make this last weekend happen was lovely. you should be proud of the fact that you made your class have a great party whether they wanted to or not - the phrase "kicking and screaming " comes to mind.

I don't think it could have been improved upon. of course the rain and no bocce, but what can you do.


Lenore Gessner Travis

I hope I am not speaking out of turn as I attempt to speak not only for myself, but for Theo, Allen, Peter and Steve, to say we had such fun organizing this--there was joy to e mails flying back and forth, and luncheon meetings, so that the process was great, and the fact the the reunion turned out to be such fun was icing on the cake! THANK YOU to all who came, some from great distances, some local, for taking the time, making the effort, and coming and sharing. To those who were unable to attend, we missed you, and I hope you can see from Theo's web site of pictures, and these e mails, that a grand time was had by all, and we should do it again!

Personally, I'd still like to have a GARDEN party (no rain)--so you are welcome here if we do a 45th!

Best to all--Lenore

Neil Morse

Me, three. I just got back from Boston this evening. What a wonderful weekend! Such a pleasure to catch up with old friends and talk about the old days. And special thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make Saturday's event happen.

Love to all,


Jeff Rudman

may i please second fred's comments and thanks? it was just a wonderful day and a reproach to the adage that man make plans to make God laugh. all the planning worked and those of us who did no work have much to be grateful for.

Fred Lappin

Theo: Thank you for all of your hard work in creating the wonderful and on-going record of our class.
Lenore: Thank you for your warm and generous hospitality.
Steve: Thank you for your considerable efforts in putting together a terrific event.
Our Classmates: Thank you for your efforts to keep our class together...I never remember how important it is until I see everyone.

It was a fun day and great to see everyone! Until the next time.....Be well.


Allen Schiller

PHENOMENAL weekend! Exceded all expectations. Job well done to you all.


40th Reunion Regrets

Before the reunion many of you sent regrets. Here are a few...

Steve Short

Thank you, Theo. You don't know how much I miss seeing you all today. Please give my fondest remembrances to everyone.

Dave Kennard

Hi Lenore,

I am so bummed that I can not join all you guys and go to your party!! Unfortunately I am a featured demonstrator at a festival in Maine and I could not get out of it. I would have loved to caught up will you all and see how life is treating you. Please be sure to say hi to everyone for me and tell them that I will definitely be at the 45th.

I still stay quite involved with BB&N as their Bivouac program is right up the street from me and I do some educational programs for them that involve the farm. We are still one of the largest sheep farms in New England with over 11,000 lambs having been born here. I also run a large agricultural and wildlife exclusionary fencing business which supports my farming habits. My true love though, which is what I am doing this weekend, is working with Border Collies and doing educational demonstrations. I have a terrific 25 year old son Colin who for now lives with me and we have a great time together working and playing hard. I am still good friends with my ex-wife Debby Abbott (Buckingham ’65 ) as she lives a couple a miles from here. So in a nut shell, I am very happy with life and look forward to another forty years. If anyone wants to check out my goings, on they can go to our website.

Again my regrets and I hope you guys have a terrific time!

Best to all, David

Cynthia Point

sorry I won't be there!


susanna solomon
keep me posted.
Sarah Keith Cox
Great to hear about website.
I'm involved in a huge 5 day wedding here and will not see everybody...also I wonder how many of us have skype?
Love, Sarah

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Saturday Picnic at Lenore’s

Here are 48 photos - almost alltaken by Violetta. This one is of Lenore and Steve cutting the cake.

Friday, June 9, 2006

Strawberry Night

Aren't we beautiful? 18 25 pictures of stunning beauty follow

Hot Off The Press - 2001 - 35th Reunion Pictures

I finally found the pictures of the wonderful dinner Peter McManmon gave for the classes in 2001. The pictures were sent to me by Basia. She included a message a message on one of her brochures - which is faithfully reproduced as part of the set.

Monday, June 5, 2006

Anne-Nelly - Message with Photo

By the way...Lenore suggested that I should send a photo. I have not dared to paste it in the zone called " message". I just attach it here.


Sunday, June 4, 2006

Messages from Many - via Steve Burgard

From Ben Bradlee:

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make it, as my family and I will be in Greece. This is an annual trip that my brother and his family take as well. When we were making the arrangements this year, I forgot about Srawberry Night, and our 40th, until Miceal reminded me of it the other day. It's too late to change our arrangements, but please say hi to everyone for me and give them my regrets. I won't miss the 50th, God willing...

From Mike Bucavalas;

Sorry that we will be missing this, but we put ourselves into plans out of the country for first half of June.  Will miss seeing you all, but hope we get another chance before 40 more years pass.

Thanks for the work you are doing toward organizing the weekend.  I keep missing Boston BB&N events, but I figure to make one soon.  Hope to see you again soon.


From Miceal Chamberlain:

I am looking forward to seeing you on Friday night. Unfortunately, on Saturday, I have to be at a wedding in Nantucket and will not be able to attend Lenore's event.

From Paul Ingraham:

Hello Steve- Hearing your voice on the answering machine yesterday was a bonafide pleasure. Thanks so much for including me among those whom you would like to bring together for the reunion. Unfortunately, my niece is getting married on June 9th, necessitating a family odyssey to Baltimore. Certainly, I wish the timing were otherwise; somehow this spring has become extraordinarily congested- with weddings, my daughter Laurel's graduation from Cornell this coming weekend, a family reunion in Manhattan, graduation of my senior students here at Lowell High School, and concerts with my musical group, the Chelmsford Community Band. I really wish that at least some of us could get together during another time- John Rowe and I have kept in touch over the years; perhaps we could arrange something else in addition to the Reunion............if youand/or friends aren't doing anything Wednesday night, July 12th, our ensemble will be playing @ The Hatch Shell- one of eight bands selected for WCRB's "Summer Concert Series". It promises to be a bizarre but exciting venue for a performance. All is well here- my wife Lynne teaches 4th grade in Andover, teaches piano, and my other daughter Carrie is a sophomore @ Andover High. I have been teaching grades 6-college primarily English for the past 32 years. By now, you probably have children in/ graduated from BB&N.... (just guessing)....................hope you and your family are well and happy and I DO hope to see you/ and other classmates ........time to scoot and start MCAS proctoring w/ my illustrious sophomores...............have a great day, Steve, and thanks so much for the contact. Give my very best to any of our classmates who might be interested, and tell them I hope  some/ all of us might be able to convene some other time.....this summer?                    Very best regards, Paul Ingraham

From Ed Minot:

Many thanks for the email. Strawberry Night is certainly tempting, especially as we're entering the southern hemisphere equivalent of your December. Still, it will have to wait a bit longer. It's the middle of first-semester exams and a critical time for several of my grad students. I've got it on my do-before-I-die list!

Cheers, Ed

From Steve Short:

Dear Steve,

I'll still try to see if I can work it out, but it looks now that because of work demands, I won't be able to make our reunion weekend.  Much to my disappointment, as it would be so fine to catch up with everyone and relive what it felt like to be 17 in 1966.

For those of us who can't be there, could I make a request.  If you think it's a good idea and others do, would it be possible to compile an email list of the classmates and distribute it to everyone?  That way we could all stay in touch and those who weren't there could connect with whomever they wanted via a medium that we probably couldn't even conceive of back then.

Would you please give my fond greetings to everyone when you see them.

All the best,

Sally Gates - Message to Theo

Dear Theo,

I am so jealous of all of you who will be together next weekend! This reunion time always comes in the middle of the UW's exam, commencement time and its a terrible time for me to be away - that is why I started planningn years ago to at least make it my 40th!

However many, many people from BB&N 1966 hold special places in my heart and my memory. I send love to all.


Sarah Nash Gates
Executive Director, School of Drama
University of Washington
Box 353950, Seattle WA 98195-3950
(206) 543-5140 FAX: (206) 543-8512

Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont - Message to Lenore

Dear Lenore,

Perhaps an old photo of the year 1964-65 will help you remember me: the French speaking student attending your class for a year then! I have wonderful memories of that time and would have enjoyed coming back meeting you all again . Unfortunately I live too far away and it is a time of year in which I cannot leave easily Neuchâtel (Switzerland) where I live now. From mother of four children I have moved to the delightful status of grand-mother of two. I teach psychology in the university and do research on education.

Please share my best greetings with all school mates.

Anne-Nelly (Perret-Clermont Goldschmidt)

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Paul Della Valle and the Worcester County Bluegrass All-Stars

Courtesy of Steve Burgard, playing for us at Lenore's picnic will be:

The Worcester County Bluegrass All Stars feature members of nationally touring bands Front Range and Northern Lights, and regional favorites, the Blackstone Valley Bluegrass Band, Valerie and Walter Crockett's Oxymorons, Slo-Grass, and the Ink-Stained Wretches.  The Worcester County Bluegrass All-Stars play a unique mixture of  traditional bluegrass and originals and kickassgrass versions of popular tunes.

The Worcester County Bluegrass All Star's line-up includes Paul Della Valle and Liz Narbonne of the Ink-Stained Wretches on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Bob Dick (Front Range) on fiddle and guitar, Dave Dick (Northern Lights), Dave DiBiasio  (Slo-Grass) or Mark Manuel (VW's Oxymorons) on banjo, big Ken Taylor (Blackstone Valley) on upright bass, Fran McConville (Slo-Grass) or Dan Nowlan (Blackstone Vally) on mandolin and the legendary Walter Crockett on lead guitar. Everyone sings harmony and most everyone will take a turn on lead vocals.

"These guys are all just amazing pickers from great bands," Della Valle said. "It has long been my dream to get them up to Clinton to the Gael House, which is one of my  favorite places to play. And just like whenever we get together -- whether its up in the mountains at a bluegrass festival or at a house party -- we keep it loose and fun and you can expect a bunch of guest musicians to join us for a song or two."

Ranjit Makkuni - Sitar Player

Courtesy of Theo Armour, Ranji Makkuni will be playing his sitar for us:

Bio from:

Ranjit is currently the director of the Gandhi Multimedia Museum in New Delhi, which he is building for India, presenting Gandhi’s contribution to India’s freedom struggle, class unity and race unity. The exhibit presents through modern tactile multimedia lexicon of core Gandhian values such as non-violence, non-possession, service to the poor, ecology, and their relevance in today’s world.

Ranjit obtained a B.Arch. from IIT, Kharagpur, and a Masters in Design Theory and Computer aided Design from University of California Los Angeles. He is a frequent speaker at the world's leading design conferences in which he has become a spokesperson for putting forth the aesthetics and values of developing cultures. In 2000, Ranjit was nominated to be a founding member of the explorers club of the Ivrea Interaction Design Institute, Italy. He is a consultant to HP Labs Palo Alto, HP Labs India.

In parallel with his career as a multimedia researcher and designer he is an active sitar performer, and has performed at the world’s greatest learning centers and concert halls. Together, the proficiency in multimedia technology as well as traditional knowledge systems allows Ranjit to bridge multiple worlds, between technology and culture, techno-Man and traditional Man, and between developed and developing worlds.

see also:

Sigrid Obenland - Message to Lenore


Dear Lenore,

you will not believe it, but I will really come to the 40th Reunion of our class (just a 3 days trip, since I do not have more time).

As I understood, there will be a picknick at your place on Saturday, June 10 - I booked it, of course. I am curious who will come - to be honest, I lost my yearbook, and so I do not even remember most of the names of our classmates, it has been so long. I hope everybody will wear a name tag.

In order for you to have an idea what I look like today (older and heavier, unfortunately!) I send you a photograph .

I am so much looking forward to seeing everybody!

Best wishes

Sigrid Obenland

Pegnitzstrasse 7
D-80638 Munich, Germany
Tel: ..49-89-1781013
Fax: ..49-89-10119639

Jeff Rudman - Some Links


Jeffrey Rudman is a partner in the Litigation Department of WilmerHale and a co-chair of the Securities Department. He joined the firm in 1975.


Mr. Rudman is a nationally recognized authority on defending shareholder class and derivative actions and the related tasks of defending Securities and Exchange Commission investigations and pursuing directors' and officers' insurance coverage.


In addition to being a trustee of the Boston Public Library and the Boston Museum Project, Mr. Rudman has served on many charitable boards, including the Board of Directors of the Association of American Rhodes Scholars; the Boston Public Library Foundation; Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School and the WGBH Advisory Board. For the past quarter century, Mr. Rudman has administered the Rhodes Scholarship selection process for Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and, more recently, New Jersey.

Read the whole bio at:

Jeffrey Rudman Named Trustee of the Boston Public Library
March 29, 2004

Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced the appointment of Jeffrey B. Rudman as a Trustee of the Public Library of the City of Boston.

“The Trustees of the Boston Public Library share their expertise and volunteer their valuable time for the benefit of one of the premiere cultural and educational institutions in our city,” said Mayor Menino. “Everything I know about Jeff Rudman and his commitment to the City of Boston tells me he will be a wonderful addition to the Board.”


“I am very grateful to the Mayor for this appointment. Our library is the first and finest public library in this country and I only hope I prove to be a trustee worthy of the institution,” said Mr. Rudman.

Read the whole press release at:

Martha Fritz ‘67 - Message to Steve Burgard

Wow! What a class. No wonder some of us from '67 were smitten, intimidated, and inspired by you all. Have a grand time together, rediscovering your eclectic selves (What great music!) and reconnecting to those intensely complex and formative times together in Cambridge.

Thanks for mentoring us for our reunion next year.

Best wishes,

Martha (Fritz) Fox

Sarah Keith (Cox) - Message to Theo

Hello Theo,

Great to hear about website.

I'm involved in a huge 5 day wedding here and will not see everybody...also I wonder how many of us have skype.

Love, Sarah

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Basia - Two Posts from Poland - 06/01/2006

googled photo of Lodz  

message arrived 9:03 AM PST

Before Yesterday drove to Lodz where I lived and went to art school (among many other things) for 9 years-in the 70's when SOCIALISM ruled-an interesting contrast to my previous life of luxury and freedom of speech of the usa in the 50's & 60's. Another reunion w/ old art school and family friends REAL INTENSE. jAS ROMEK SAYS HI! LODZ HAS ITS AS UGLY AS BEFORE PARTS. BASIA AND STEVE

message arrived 6:16 AM PST

greetings from tarnow the former home of Steve's grand parents and other relatives.. Also the home of one of ADA'S BEST BUDDIES-A CHOREOGRAOHER and polish folk ensemble(s) director, Wieslawa and artist HUSBAND JOEseph. She got the keys from the director of the muiseum to get into the Jewish cemetery. Been called for dinnre.....more later