Sunday, June 25, 2006

40th Reunion Regrets

Before the reunion many of you sent regrets. Here are a few...

Steve Short

Thank you, Theo. You don't know how much I miss seeing you all today. Please give my fondest remembrances to everyone.

Dave Kennard

Hi Lenore,

I am so bummed that I can not join all you guys and go to your party!! Unfortunately I am a featured demonstrator at a festival in Maine and I could not get out of it. I would have loved to caught up will you all and see how life is treating you. Please be sure to say hi to everyone for me and tell them that I will definitely be at the 45th.

I still stay quite involved with BB&N as their Bivouac program is right up the street from me and I do some educational programs for them that involve the farm. We are still one of the largest sheep farms in New England with over 11,000 lambs having been born here. I also run a large agricultural and wildlife exclusionary fencing business which supports my farming habits. My true love though, which is what I am doing this weekend, is working with Border Collies and doing educational demonstrations. I have a terrific 25 year old son Colin who for now lives with me and we have a great time together working and playing hard. I am still good friends with my ex-wife Debby Abbott (Buckingham รข€™65 ) as she lives a couple a miles from here. So in a nut shell, I am very happy with life and look forward to another forty years. If anyone wants to check out my goings, on they can go to our website.

Again my regrets and I hope you guys have a terrific time!

Best to all, David

Cynthia Point

sorry I won't be there!


susanna solomon
keep me posted.
Sarah Keith Cox
Great to hear about website.
I'm involved in a huge 5 day wedding here and will not see everybody...also I wonder how many of us have skype?
Love, Sarah

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