Thursday, June 1, 2006

Basia - Two Posts from Poland - 06/01/2006

googled photo of Lodz  

message arrived 9:03 AM PST

Before Yesterday drove to Lodz where I lived and went to art school (among many other things) for 9 years-in the 70's when SOCIALISM ruled-an interesting contrast to my previous life of luxury and freedom of speech of the usa in the 50's & 60's. Another reunion w/ old art school and family friends REAL INTENSE. jAS ROMEK SAYS HI! LODZ HAS ITS AS UGLY AS BEFORE PARTS. BASIA AND STEVE

message arrived 6:16 AM PST

greetings from tarnow the former home of Steve's grand parents and other relatives.. Also the home of one of ADA'S BEST BUDDIES-A CHOREOGRAOHER and polish folk ensemble(s) director, Wieslawa and artist HUSBAND JOEseph. She got the keys from the director of the muiseum to get into the Jewish cemetery. Been called for dinnre.....more later

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