Saturday, May 6, 2006

Construction Blog - 05/06/2006

B&N Yearbook On-line

The most daunting task of this project is nearly complete. The Torch is on-line. Including the spring addendum, 151 pages were scanned. I do have a high speed scanner, but it's still extremely mind-numbingly tedious work (maybe even torchurous work??). In total we have over 250 images now on-line. Not bad for our first week of operation.

I have not yet skimmed through all the pages. Please let me know if there is a page that is upside down or badly cropped.


As I look over all the images, particularly the images of the First crew and Niel Morse's dudes on the beach as well as the individual images of each of the seniors I almost instinctvely want to add comments to the images - and I certainly do so to myself. The young have such beauty. They look so confident. And yet my memories of those times are certainly not overly full of confidence and I did not then perceive our classmates as handsome or beautiful as I see them now.

What do you feel about these images? Please let us know by adding a comment by clickin on the link that says either "No Comments" or "X Comments".

Buckingham Yearbook Senior Pages

I have completed creating all 21 pages for the Buckingham seniors. Somebody should look at these because I probably got a few names wrong - especially nicknames. Also some people may prefer their married names.

Soon I will start on the B&N senior pages.

New Pages

Colophon and Privacy Policy pages were added.

Next Steps

It's now about time to start to get other people thinking about this site...

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