Wednesday, April 27, 2016

First post on new site


We're getting ready for the 50th!

The first action is to make access to the site easier to access. The class site is now on - at and on Blogger.con and the password protection protection is removed. Yay! It's on both WordPress and Blogger just so it's possible to test which has mor features and is easier to use. Currently Blogger is winning.

There's lots more to be done. Here's a photo of Steve Short and Mr Pratt at the B&N Graduation. It was sent to us by Lisa Welter from the School library. She made a folder of images available on Google Drive. They are also viewable from the Documents menu. Lisa says there's plenty more.

In the move from old site to new site - and also due to various third party services being discontinued a number of links to images were broken.

Most of the images from the posts with broken links are available on Fixing the broken links - and adding new material - is a work in progress.

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